About Serenity Scotland

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Serenity Scotland has over the last seventeen years supported couples, friends and family touring, free individual travelers, independent travel, small group travel, educational trips, small company business tours and corporate groups from Pixar to Pernod Ricard.

Iain Stewart - Tour Operator/Director and Guide/Driver

Scottish history and culture tour guideIain started Serenity Scotland in 2003. Growing up in Fife, he has a degree in History from the University of California at Berkeley and a Masters Degree (with Distinction) in Ethnology and Scottish Folklore. Iain has experienced life and work in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. As a guide he has worked with companies such as Pixar (as their tour guide for researching ‘Brave’), and for the last ten years with Franklin College leading an academic travel group of undergraduate students on courses in 'Symbolizing Scotland' and ‘Scotland, Story and Song’ Iain is a guest lecturer in 'Cultural Tourism' at the University of Aberdeen.

Iain's interests and hobbies include playing the fiddle (wanting to throw the fiddle out of the window), running and loch swimming. He is a member of the Old Edinburgh Club.

textiles and fashion tours expert

Joanne Stewart Tour Operator/Director and Guide/Driver

Joanne has a degree in Community Education, is a group worker and an enthusiastic and gifted guide and meanderer. Her attention to each detail is what makes a day touring, walking or connecting with others a fabulous experience.

A world traveller, Joanne delights in sharing her passion for meaningful travel, art/architecture, textiles and fashion, wellbeing, botany and food.

Allan Stewart - Guide/Driver

Allan lives in the Highlands, is degree educated, is a great outdoors man, and has a comprehensive knowledge of Scottish geography and culture. Allan has travelled extensively.

John Stewart-Young - Edinburgh Walking Guide

John has degrees in Popular Culture and Art History, and Museum Studies. He was Head of Museums in Dundee, is a passionate advocate for history and life-long learning.

Peter Berry - Edinburgh Walking Guide

Peter is immersed in the works of Robert Burns and RL Stevenson as well as being a ghost tour guide. Peter entertains educates and entrances.

Dave Lake - Highland and Borders Guide

Dave is degree educated and managed the largest residential outdoor centre in the Highlands. A keen mountaineer, Dave is passionate about wildlife, photography, geology and landscapes.

Christine Kydd - Singing Tour Guide

Christine is a traditional singer, song and vocal coach, she is one of Scotland's most respected exponents of song and ballad. She has a Masters Degree in Ethnology and Scottish Folklore. Christine was Scots Song Tutor at the National Centre for Excellence in Traditional Music 2001-2010.

We work with other guides from time to time also, including Garry Masterton, Ken Latham, Charlie McGrigor, Morag McDonald and David MacPhail.