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St. Andrews and the Kingdom of Fife

St Fillans CaveThis day tour whisks you away from the capital with considerable historical and cultural distance given the tour's proximity to Edinburgh.

On this tour:

Stops / visits on the above tour can be tailored to your requirements.

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Day Tours from Edinburgh

Day tours from Edinburgh give you the chance to choose from a number of crafted, personalized, private tours for your group of up to six people. Take time out of Edinburgh for a saunter through the countryside and explore some local folklore and history....

The Kingdom of Fife...

Fondly named 'the Kingdom' in relation to its being an old Pictish centre, having a former Scottish capital (Dunfermline) and two royal palaces.

'It tak's a long spoon tae sup wi' a Fifer'- Locally adapted from a quote from Chaucer this is a warning for all to be careful in their dealings (especially in Fife!)

Day Tour from Edinburgh