Our Ethos

Sustainability and Healthy Intentions

We strive to create beautiful experiences on tours that will not only bring you joy but experiences that will be cherished for many years to come. The more sustainable we are the healthier for our country and the less waste we create, the less plastic waste we have in our oceans and eco systems.

It is of great importance for us to be responsible with your time. We are aware that visitors to Scotland may have very busy and complex lives, and often taking time out with loved ones to be in nature or feel the buzz of unfamiliar cities helps to bring balance and well-being. We work to ensure you have a healthy, valuable experience for you and your friends and family.

Serenity Scotland is committed to promoting a more sustainable and eco-conscious tour business model that recycles waste, encourages the use of reusable materials, promotes local services and products. We focus on and challenge our perceptions of sustainable practices & make transparent what is achievable and where we place value.

Our main philosophies revolve around ‘reduce’, ‘reuse’ and ‘recycle’ alongside ‘affordable’, ‘convenient’ and ‘local’. This extends practically to all parts of our business, from sending emails and not printing out material unnecessarily to sourcing ethical restaurants, working alongside responsibly crafted businesses that promote sustainability, to reusing packaging in our place of work. We can be a great resource for instance: in ensuring you know where you can fill your water bottles! We can signpost friends and clients to shops that offer vegware, reusable coffee cups, planet friendly travel products, zero waste shops and restaurants with locally produced seasonal ingredients or crafts, gifts made locally in Scotland. The way we work, gather and procure matters.

Serenity Scotland recognises the value of ways in which sustainable tourism expresses the authenticity of our culture and through creative experiences such as hands-on and informal workshops visitors can explore their creative potential and skills and come into contact with small groups of local people and their culture. Providing opportunities for you to engage in a full sensory experience offers both experiential benefits to you, to us and those around. Long lasting connections and relationships are built within creative, cultural interactions.

We passionately love Scotland and believe that making a place good to live in means it will be good to visit, experience, work and invest in. Observing and listening to concerns of communities where over-tourism has difficult impact, the results of these observations can serve as a guide for us to devise sensitive tours or promotional messages that are respectful, less intrusive, and able to provide economic benefits to local people, places and their communities. We actively avoid tourist traps.

Wherever we can, we use local people and businesses as our partners in destinations. Not only do we feel this gives you the best experience, it also brings benefits to local communities. The benefit also spreads further. Then local people are motivated to preserve what attracts visitors, be it the culture, wildlife or environment.

Wherever possible, we aim to source and use social enterprises as they also invest into social or environmental projects making our money go further to benefit and improve society. We are a member of the Well-being Economy Alliance and proud to be focussing on measures other than GDP that highlight economic success and positive growth in countries around the world.

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