Traditional Skills and Creative Holidays

After working for over 20 years in tourism Iain Stewart is nurturing Serenity Scotland in an enriching and sustainable way. His way of working involves creating opportunities to operate alongside creative partners across Scotland and to develop further ways to promote expression and connection.

During the development process, and with his wife Joanne, merging her creative tours business with Serenity Scotland, they found that they had a shared vision. They both identified looking at ways to involve talented partners and quality providers in more distant and diverse areas of Scotland.

Scotland is rich in artisans imparting traditional skills, music, song, art, nature, nurture, language and other embodied, experiential and immersive experiences. Scotland’s exceptional landscapes have long been celebrated in paintings, verse, prose and song. The finest of scenery is inspiring for us to live in and to visit. The unspoilt landscape is beautiful and important in explaining why there is such a bountiful array of creativity in Scotland and how the rich natural and cultural fabric has enabled us to continue to protect our traditions, craft and shared narratives, and long may it be preserved and continue.

Serenity Scotland are dedicated to helping visitors to Scotland to understand more deeply the ways of tradition, cultural techniques and practices. Harnessing the subtle nuances and narratives that are only found in involvement in meaningful processes, we offer life-affirming experiences and learning. Serenity Scotland can plan and provide creative holidays and immersive skills experiences for individuals or groups. The holiday can offer solely courses, or an admix of practical workshops and touring.

We offer bespoke Traditional Skills tours, incorporating courses in:

5 or 7 Day Stone Carving

Simon Burns-Cox is a master craftsman based at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. We build an inspirational tour around a 3 Day workshop in Edinburgh. The tour of the Edinburgh & Lothians incorporates exploring stone sculpture including statues and memorials, talks and visits to examine historic stone masonry techniques and examples of significant architectural stone and it’s importance in the development of Scotland. You will take a wonderful piece of your own work away with you and have a skill for life.

5 or 7 Day Weaving, Tapestry weaving, Spinning and Fibre Arts Tour

1, 3 or 5 days workshops from beginners to intermediate and those looking to explore new techniques here in Scotland. For individual and small groups, guilds or crafting associations, we can offer an array of inspirational courses. Touring opportunities around your chosen interest to explore and inspire your creation. Using traditional materials and techniques and where appropriate making use of new innovations and opportunities in your chosen discipline. We can find the perfect artisan for you. Tour local mills, investigate historic tapestries and their provenance, attend wool sculpture exhibitions and works, meander hand-picked galleries, take in artisan visits for demonstrations and peruse or enjoy local shopping opportunities.

5 or 7 Day Pottery or Ceramics Tour

Work with local experienced potters and ceramicists, working sensorially in their surroundings portraying distinctive craftsmanship. Start in nature, and whilst influenced by the local landscape handle traditional materials, and evoke inspirational ideas, before heading back to the workshop to design and produce your quality items in local studios/workshops/sheds. Sculptural and functional pieces for beginners or more advanced artists. During the tour element we will explore the history of Scotland, the introduction of pottery, its influences and innovators. Visit the potters, galleries, National Museum of Scotland and various insightful collections across the country. Small group experiences or bespoke, private tour for you.

5 or 7 Day Traditional Song Tour

Christine Kydd is a celebrated singer, songwriter and voice coach. Inaugurated into the Scottish Folk Hall of fame in 2018 and a professional dedicated to her community and song. Christine will work with you to explore and understand the importance of song and music in Scottish history and culture. In addition to theoretical applications she also leads practical masterclasses and workshops and can work with you on your singing technique.

5 or 7 day Dry Stone Walling

Working with a qualified local on the Isle of Skye, using the ancient tradition of dry stone walling to craft walls that will last an eternity. The course will equip you to go and practice further what you have learnt on the course and develop your own projects. The courses are serious courses for 3-5 days and also planned in a way to be fun and enjoyable. An organic lunch and drinks is provided

From absolute beginners to experienced creatives, we plan your stress-free creative, immersive holiday. If you would like us to plan a creative tour for you or your group that isn’t listed here, please do contact us as we are well established and have highly experienced partners to work with.