Bespoke Tours and Itineraries for Groups

Serenity Scotland offers experiential, authentic and engaging small group tours. There are opportunities to explore nature, history, customs, culture, and local lifestyles. We are committed to sustainability and supporting the local environment and community. An array of recent tours are listed below highlighting our diversity in delivery and adaptability.

You relax, as we enjoy planning your exciting trip of a lifetime.

We have worked with groups of 6-60 persons.

Film/TV/Entertainment work

Pixar – Brave initial planning and development for artists/ storyboard & writers

Pixar – Art & Animation researchers for movie ‘Brave’


Franklin College, Switzerland – Undergraduate Degree programme Academic travel – Symbolising Scotland and Scotland Story & Song – yearly since 2009

EGALI – Portugese Work and Study Abroad Programme

Swiss Language Group – Improving English Tour

Basque – Hello Yellow Language Group

St Andrews University PG Studies in Terrorism Studies. Northern Ireland Tour

Young Austria – English Language Walking Tour

Carrol University, USA – Education Tour

Family groups

Family History/Genealogy

Wedding/Engagement Proposal Tours

Bereavement/Memorial Gatherings


Ballantines/Pernod/Ricard – Prize trip (x 2 year)

ESAV – Queensferry Crossing Engineers Reunion Tour

HZPC UK Seed Supply Co. – Walking Tour

Creative group tours

Carnegie Museum Group Pittsburgh – Charles Rennie Mackintosh Glasgow Tour

David Mann Architect, NY – Design & Architecture Tour

Authors Guild – Writers Special Interest Tour

Cindy Wilson Photography & Fine Art – Mystical West Coast Photography Tour

Whisky Tours

Rail Care Scandinavia & Russia

Belgian Whisky Society

Orinocco Whisky Tour, Poland