Lindores Distillery

Lindores Distillery is considered the ‘spiritual home of Scotch whisky’ as it holds the earliest recorded evidence of whisky distillation in Scotland, dating back to 1494. In the Exchequer Rolls of that year: “To Brother John Cor, by order of the King [James IV], to make aqua vitae VIII bolls of malt.” It is likely that Brother John was an apothecary in those very early Rennaisance times.

Built on the grounds of a ruined 12th-century Tironensian abbey, the distillery itself is designed to be aesthetically sympathetic to the historical surroundings, using local stone and wood.

They use traditional wooden washbacks and a special strain of yeast that may have existed in the 15th century, which is being recreated in partnership with Heriot-Watt University, for a limited edition single malt.

They also produce ‘aqua vitae’, a malt spirit macerated with local herbs like sweet cicely, and plan to incorporate fruit from the Abbey’s newly-planted orchard in the future, showcasing their innovative approach while staying true to their historic roots.

A portion of their warehouse is heated, which is not typical in the Scotch whisky industry, but it allows them to speed up the maturation process.

The barley is sourced from Richard, a local farmer, who can also take you onto the farm to the hide where as well as finding out about the farm you can sample a dram of the single malt and of the aqua vitae.

It is possible for Serenity Scotland to work with the distillery itself to arrange your own private group tastings, and food and drink pairings. With their Apothecary Experience, you will not only have the opportunity to make your own unique Aqua Vitae, but also gain a deeper understanding of the art and history of distilling.

Iain Stewart – 5 March 2024