Fife Coastal Path Walking Tour

It is Saturday, day six, the sky and the sea are a mixture of cerulean and teal blue. The Isle of May sits resplendent, shining in the midday sun. The Bass Rock far distant belies its dark past and makes a wonder to the eye. Who would rather be anywhere else?

Walking is interspersed with visits to a local cheesemaker, an innovative whisky / gin maker, a bucolic organic farm with café, and an array of artisanal crafts, art and textiles. Castles, palaces, caves, beaches, rock pools inclusive – this four or ten day excursion is truly immersive. You can also opt in and out of each walking day.

Sample the cafes and pop-up food places on and by the route. And following a day of fresh sea air and moderate physical exercise, be enticed by fine local epicurean delights.

Tread lightly yet deeply on Fife. Touch the local community and find your restored self.

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