Jupiter Artland

Immersive experiences can deeply impact our life and broaden our everyday encounters, taking the mind to new places, presenting a better picture personally and influencing a much bigger picture, in terms of technology and tourism. Serenity Scotland is inspired by and encouraged by a myriad of artisans and enterprises across Scotland, here we explore one of our favourite visits – Jupiter Artland.

From a walk in the woods and its art strewn in playful ways in beautiful surroundings to an exploration of alternative uses of innovative technology and immersive design with its augmented reality app Jupiter Artland is certainly diverse and forward thinking. This way of approaching both art, immersion and technology together is invaluable in understanding a different way of thinking. This art of innovation is what will be invaluable in many tourism experiences in future planning.

At Jupiter Artland the interest is aroused yearly by the changing programme, of the emerging permanent artworks, which grow in interest in their surroundings and mature, organically, a festival programme, creative workshops, woodland classes and more, alongside – the new interactive app.

You can pretty much choose either experience or both as the app not only maps out how the visit is for you today but also encapsulates ‘The Third Eye’ which allows you to access past events, artworks and installations, successfully in my view harnessing technology to improve the visitors experience onsite and/or when you want to find out more. Jupiter Artland therein presents to us a broader understanding of the sculpture park and its place, its growth and its immersion in time and in space or between the spaces, you decide.

The beauty of Jupiter Artland is that a visitor’s experience of a sculpture is entirely dependent on your own interaction with it and allows us as a tour operator to resonate with this thinking and how we view immersive tours at Serenity Scotland. The depth to which you are immersed is up to you, being a part of the culture and the land in Scotland is where we aim to take you, and doing this in a relaxing and transformative way is paramount.

We understand people liaising with their apps, and sourcing knowledge and experiences online is certainly here, entwining mutually with the clambering across Charles Jenck’s Life Mounds and ambling in the Highlands.

If you want to find out more about Jupiter Artland 2019 – check out their new programme and an article here.